About Ni

Hey, It’s me Nick

I’ve got a degree for Visual Communications, which means I can make anything you see with your eyes. Photography, Graphic Designs, Web Sites, Illustrations, 3D Sculptures, etc. I’m comfortable working on both PC and MAC operating systems. I’m detail oriented and an unhealthily focused hard-worker. I’ve been spending my recent years working in the E-commerce marketplace world. I’ve worked for various mega retailers that showcase high end products on Amazon, Walmart, ebay, Rakuten, Newegg, shopify, etc. I’m always looking for new opportunities, feel free to get in contact with me.



Visual Communications2006 to 2010

Farmingdale State University | Farmingdale, NY

I got my Bachelors of Visual COmmunications. My focus was primarily on Graphic Design and Webdesign courses, where I mastered the Adobe suite. I use this knowledge today to edit images and work on E-commerce product listings.

Actual Work Experience

E-commerce Marketplace Listing Specialist2019 to Present

F&E Trading | NJ

Created listings for products going to Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Newegg, etc. Designed imagery to grab peoples attention aswell as showcase the product in question to the best of my ability. Brands included DJI, Canon, Nikon, Chasing Dory, Gopro, etc. I also managed inventory and created bundle listings lumping in multiple products of interest for maximum exposure.

E-commerce Product Manager2017 to 2019

Johnson Smith Co. | FL

Responsibilities included: Managing 17,000+ active product sku’s. Create product listings for ecommerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many more. Utilize ChannelAdvisor and Microsoft Excel to create cohesive accessible product ads. Worked closely with in-house product merchants to properly highlight key features and maximize sales. Shoot and edit product photography using Photoshop and create vector graphics in illustrator. And lastly managing social media accounts for each catalog using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+

Product Designer2011 to 2016

Glyos | NYC

Worked with and alongside designers at Glyos.com to create action figures.

Responsibilities included: sculpting and designing action figures from sketch to full production, communicating directly with production manager in China and reviewing / approving production samples aswell as inventory management.

Creating and maintaining ecommerce listings and merchant websites, shooting digital photography, photo editing and marketing / promotion.

Web Designer2013 to 2015

Belle Maison | Richmond Hill, NY

Created and worked on a number of ecommerce websites for a home textile company including, landing, home, product, contact, pages. Website assets were created in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML coding. I managed WordPress and server maintenance as well.

Approving factory samples & prepping products for full production was a minor part of the job aswell.

Web Designer2009 to 2010

Millennium Communications | Farmingdale, NY

Designed website layouts and Logo’s for specific clients. Also created interactive media using Adobe Flash and photo retouching with Adobe Photoshop. Clients of note include:

Ronzoni, Chase, Long Island Petsitters, Ferry times, etc.

Graphic Designer2008 to 2009

New Media Design | Farmingdale, NY

Designed for several clients through an internship program run by Farmingdale State College. Responsibilities include rebranding, pamphlet design, and Logo design for companies such as Heckscher Museum of Art on Long Island, Lukemia Lymphoma society, Grey hound, etc.

Fun Stuff

Social Media2005 to Present


Been messing with youtube since it’s been a thing. Most of those early videos are beyond privated, but my love for the video sharing site has never been higher.

Social Media2006 to Present


Twitter for me started as a fun way to send college friends links or images while in class and it’s grown to something for greater than that. From showing friends what your eating to a powerful marketing tool in under 15 years. @nistuff

Social Media2010 to Present


Instagram has been a fairly constant in my life in the past 10 years. Once upon a time I used to post images to Instagram about the upcoming sales of my Glyos compatible figure, The Outlander and since then I’ve moved onto posting pictures of action figures that aren’t made by me. I’ve always had and probably always will have a soft spot for Instagram. Oh and it’s great for marketing or something. @nistuff

Other fun stuff


Exhibited at the New York Comic Convention for 4 years selling Glyos action figures. I was the event planner and Coordinator as well as toy salesperson.

Design Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign


Other Skills



Channel Advisor

PP & TOP Quality Review